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At Prime Academy, we seek to provide a positive learning environment for students to excel. Our vision is to equip students with the necessary resources for them to become college-bound and succeed in higher education. Our courses are taught by bright and educated individuals, who have a common desire to see students succeed. We encourage all of our students to strive for excellence by driving them to their full potential.


Why Prime Academy?

Prime Academy is unique in many ways. First, we hire only the best teachers, with proven ability to get results.  Our teaching staffs include PhD’s, MBA’s and professionals with 10 – 20 years of experience tutoring high-achieving students.  Second, we provide the best educational consulting for their success in school as well as college admission.

Second, we maintain an environment conducive to learning. We are located in a quiet professional building, in a nice neighborhood. You can trust that your student will be safe and free from distractions while studying at Prime.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Third, we have the materials necessary. We pride ourselves on constantly collecting and incorporating the latest in teaching resources so your student receives the most up-to-date instruction possible.

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