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Our courses are taught by bright and educated individuals, who have a common desire to see students succeed.

Prime AP Classes

These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study. AP test prep class will start on Feburay for 10 weeks. Prime AP test prep classes show 100% pass rate.

Library Study Group

Prime SAT, ACT Test Prep

At the most selective schools, SAT or ACT tests can be still important in college admission.  Prime SAT/ACT instructors have 12 ~ 18 years teaching experience! 

Students Taking Exams
Reviewing Essay

Prime High School

Prime High School focuses on preparing students for the rigorous courses in high school and helping students maintain their good grades throughout the academic year.

School Kids Studying In Class

Prime Elementary

Prime Elementary offers classes that prepare students for the academic year.

Prime Jr. High

Prime Jr. High focuses on creating good study habits and improving reading and writing skills at a young age.

Students In Uniform

AP Test Prep

Take the best SAT, ACT, AP Camp at Prime.

Reviewing for the Exam
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