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Prime Jr. High focuses on creating good study habits and improving reading and writing skills at a young age. This program gives students the chance to get a head start on SAT as well. For a more personal and intensive learning experience, one-on-one tutoring is offered.

School Kids Studying In Class

Prime Elementary Programs

Writing Clinic 4~6th 
Wed 3:30 - 5 pm

Prime Academy’s Writing Clinic, is for students who wish to excel in their writing skills.
The small class setting allows each class to accommodate each student individually.
Our qualified teachers teach the fundamentals of writing and grammar and various writing techniques.

Carefully selected books will be given to each student for not only reading but also for discussion.  This allows the student to improve on  speech skills.   

Students who want to improve their math skill can join this class.  Any students' math level can be helped. 

Learning Pod


Your GPA matters to us!

We are committed to raising your GPA. At Prime Academy, we have excellent private tutors who specialize in the subject you need help with.  Try our private tutoring for one month and your GPA will be raised!

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